engagement dresses for bride

It’s the wedding day. You deserve nothing lesser than perfection. But deciding a bridal dress sometimes becomes really confusing.

With celebrity shaadis hitting the deadlines every now and then, the new brides are in real pressure to choose the right color of dress for their wedding day. Let’s see what the experts have in store for you.

Red: This is the classic color that can never ever go wrong if you are the bride. Remember, Deepika Padukone in that lovely red wedding dress. Many people have chosen the color red for their wedding day. One of the most important things about red is the traditional and ethnic value it adds to the day.

Peach: Now, coming to modern-day brides who loves experimenting and believes in subtle colors can do the magic. With all the bling added to jewelry, we can smartly decide on peaches or beiges for your wedding day. This will not only give you a different look but will accentuate your all bright accessories and the beautiful red sindoor.

Ivory: Another very subtle yet very beautiful color for Indian brides. The communities having a day marriage can definitely opt for a beautiful ivory dress teamed up with gold jewelry. A few emerald color stones on it will simply take the look to a new level.

Raspberry pink: Pink is all girl’s favorite and any bride who is unwilling to leave her darling pink on her special day, must try out this color for her wedding dress. It’s gorgeous and bright and for sure those special eyes will be locked on you.

Orange: As we all know, orange is the new black and when it comes to bridal dresses for engagement, orange is one of the best sellers. The lovely orange color fits all functions of the wedding. The wedding attire is mostly teamed with a generous amount of gold which goes marvelous with orange.

These are a few examples but the suggestion list can go endless. As every bride is unique in her own way, we love dressing her up just the way that suits her. We are here with some of the best collections of bridal dresses in Hyderabad. Just a peep in, I bet you won’t regret a bit.