bride dress for wedding hyderabad

Winter marriages are loved by many. The lovely breezy weather and sweet sunlight seem to be the perfect romantic setting for taking those forever vows.

But what if the weather goes truly unruly and you end up shivering the entire time. I’m sure you didn’t dream that kind of day.

So, if you are the winter bride and need some tips right now to dazzle up your wedding day with the right makeup, accessories, and bridal dress, then check out below.

1. Prep your skin: This is really important for any bride. And if it’s a winter wedding, the efforts must be doubled up. The dryness of the season shouldn’t get a hang on your skin. Shield the dryness and avoid getting flaky skin. The nourishment levels should go a bit higher as after applying makeup the skin can go highly wrong if it’s not healthy. Hit the parlor for a moisturizing treatment.

2. Choose the right blouse: When choosing your bridal dress, make sure you keep in mind the season perks. But if you are thinking you can’t style up enough because it’s winter, you must put a hold to your thought there. Designer blouses come in full sleeves which are so gorgeous that they can kill it with its looks. Teaming up with the correct dupatta draping can put your bride game bang on.

3. Go for heavy embroideries: This is the season, where you do not need to worry about being too heavy and making it messy. Lehngas with heavy embroidery work is not heavy on weight but heavy on texture. The fluffy cancan will add to the volume, and you will be protected from the winter woes.

4. Wear heavy ear accessories: Ears are a real sensitive place. Covering it up with accessories will not only brighten up your look but give you a sense of warmth. Though the styling is personal, earrings are a real tough pick up if you wish to highlight your face.

You can come down to our store exclusively for bridal dresses in Hyderabad to get more such bridal tips. We would be happy to assist you in making you look perfect on your D-day.